UNESCO Declaration of Patrimony of Humanity

UNESCO Declaration of Patrimony of Humanity

This is the actual plaque, in which, chiseled over a piece of stone you can read the UNESCO’s declaration of Patrimony of Humanity of La Antigua Guatemala. The UNESCO’s declaration of Patrimony of Humanity No. 65 was bestowed upon La Antigua Guatemala in 1979.

Two important things to notice are that the official names are La Antigua Guatemala and Santiago de Guatemala. Boy, I received lots of disparaging comments for an article I wrote in Revue Magazine entitled: This is no Caribbean Island, which in turn was re-adaptation from the AntiguaDailyPhoto entry: What’s in a name? That which we call La Antigua Guatemala in which I explained why the official name of the city is La Antigua Guatemala and not Antigua nor Antigua Guatemala.

Can you guys tell me where can this UNESCO declaration plaque can be found?

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  • emromesco

    Is it in l’antigua?


  • HEG

    en la pura entradita a la ciudad viniendo de Guate

  • @emromesco, yes it is in La Antigua Guatemala. Are you being funny my friend? The question was, where in LAG is this sign. Well, the sign is on the wall the City Hall building, also known as Palacio del Ayuntamiento de Santiago de Guatemala, or just La Muni. 😉

    @HEG, no no está en la mera entradita. El letrero está en la pared del Palacio del Ayuntamiento.

  • Rodrigo

    Was this plaque made in Egypt? I suppose it was, but why? Really intriguing.

    • @Rodrigo, I don’t know for sure, but I assumed the plaque was given in Luxur, Egipt at a activity for the UNESCO.


    I would like to know what exactly “a patrimony of the humanity” reall means. I have read several different things and still cannot quite understand it. I will be visiting Antigua soon and want to know more about it.