Feast of the Cross

Día de La Santa Cruz en Antigua Guatemala

Día de la Santa Cruz (Day of the Holy Cross) is celebrated in Guatemala and other Latin American countries on May 3rd which is also the day of the construction worker or albañiles as they are known in Spanish. Through out La Antigua Guatemala and the rest of the country you can find adorned crosses, especially at construction sites. Last two years I have shown humble crosses at construction sites (2007 and 2008), but today I bring you the main cross at El Calvario Church.

Below, I share with you a wonderful performance by Chico Buarque of Construção (Albañil/Construction Worker). If you would like to ready the lyrics in English and/or Spanish and all the background information of this very important catholic feast, just follow the white rabbit. Enjoy!

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  • emromesco

    Another interesting celebration of the RCs of Guatemala. I was wondering earlier if we could trace this celebration to the Masons… I wonder… since the Masons were originally construction workers (from the French “Mason” that means “Construction worker” or “albañil”

  • @emromesco, actually the information is in the archives… just follow the white rabbit. 😉