Only in LAG: Motorcycle clamps

Cepo de Moto

Surely you remember the photo of Clamping the automobiles on the No parking zone, right? Or how about the story of two police officers reporting that their patrol car was stolen, “Nos robaron la patrulla, cambio” in Guatemalan police anecdotes?

Well, it looks like there is a traffic police officer who is not taking any chances with his own motorcycle and even though he parks in the police only zone in front of the traffic police station, he feels that a clamp in the rear wheel of his motorcycle is in order, just to be sure and safe. I’m telling you, only in LAG. 😉

Motorcycle Clamp

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  • Well if even the Police has to do this !

  • Rachel

    That sends a strong message!

  • A local friend of mine said he pulled up to a gas station in Guatemala City, ran inside for a bottle of water, came back to the car and found the radio was gone. He estimated this happened in under 60 seconds.

    His response to me about how he felt: “They did a good job, my dashboard isn’t broken.”

  • The same happened to my husband, as with Mark’s friend. He parked his car where the attendant literally went to take a pee, and they broke in and took his radio.

    I’m going to have a scooter when I move to LAG and am thinking about the clamp now:)

  • HEG

    Gone in sixty seconds…


    …I think this pic has been wrongly interpreted,
    First the plates show us they are not official, so could be a parking violation, down there punished with the famous “cepo”, so this Motorcycle is for particular use
    same as other forms of transportation. (Also get a supersized “Cepo”)