Color Palette: Yellow and Green

Yellow and Green

It’s been a while since I last updated the color palette category. What do you think of the new colors?

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  • emromesco

    So, good way of showing a part of Guatemala that it is not usually thought of: Armed soldiers and bodyguards all over the place. That this scene is from La Antigua is a sign that LAG is Guatemala (although Guatemala doesn’t exist).

  • Eric

    Nice contrast, Rudy. You see the color yellow against mottled green on lemon and orange trees, and consider it beautiful…isn’t there at least a little of the same reaction to the photo above ?
    This photo reminds me of my first visit to La Antigua a few years ago. I had not expected to see so many guardias con pistoles, fusiles, o los dos. It is easy to forget reality when one is surrounded by the colors, smells and flavors of La Antigua, no ? Thanks for the photo.
    …Y porque los guardias siempre son tan jovenes ? Por dios !

  • @emromesco, Finally I understand the hidden intelectual clues my querido Moya: “Guatemala doesn’t exist, and I know, because I have been there”

    @Eric, I don’t know if the soldier is too young, however, I do know he’s a presidental guard or secret service military unit. El Señor Presidente was here that day.