Today’s Mothers Day in Guatemala

Guatemalan Mothers Day

If you have followed the daily of updates of the La Antigua Guatemala DailyPhoto (LAGDP) for at least a year, you would know that Mother’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala on May 10th as Día de las madres.

To all the visiting moms, please, let me share with you the Guatemalan classic marimba Un vals para mi madre (A vals for my mother) and wish you a very happy Guatemalan Mother’s Day! A very special Thanks (Gracias) to my own mother for teaching me how to be a fairly decent human being most of the time (I think! 😉 ).

In 2007 I posted a very long entry showing you three kinds of Guatemalan mothers: the cowgirl mother, the urban rocker mom, and the indigenous mamá in the entry May 10th: Mother’s Day in Guatemala. I also touched the subject of inter-country adoptions which was it was hot topic back then. That’s no longer an issue, but if you want to go back in time to read about those three kinds of moms and the adoption issues, follow the white rabbit.

In 2008, I showed you an indigenous mother helping her son to overcome his fears in the entry Mother’s Safety Zone.

Mother’s Day Bonus: I will send today’s photo as signed 4×6 post card with Guatemalan stamps to the first person that can correctly tell me what Mayan language these two Mayan mother speak. You can read all about Mayan languages to see the possible options. Good luck to you all!

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Rudy, I called my mother in California on Mothers’ Day, and after 30 minutes, she said she had to go – my sister was calling her on her celular! How times change, no ?
    Thank you very much for the music – it brightens my Monday morning, for sure.
    Feliz Dia de las Madres a todas las madres!

  • janna

    Hola Rudy, I’m going to guess Quiché as the language these two moms speak. I love this photo, I think my favorite fotos of yours are the ones that include people.

  • janna

    Rudy, can I have a 2nd guess? At first I thought Quiché, pero now I’m thinking maybe Cakchiquel?

  • Brillant photo !

  • emromesco

    Pues I am going to take a guess… I am not sure which linguistic groups live around La Antigua (I know I could look it up, but that would be a bit like cheating, no?). I will guess Kek’chi, one because it is my favourite Mayan Language and second because of how they are dressed.

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers that read LAGDP!

  • @Eric, well, some people do not care for the music or videos, but some do, especially Guatemalans. I myself do not like marimba music, but I know it’s an important nostalgic punch for the Guatemalan expat community. I am glad you like too.

    @janna, I know its a tricky question because you can not guess what language out of the 21 Mayan languages spoken in Guatemala these mothers speak, especially because there is not audio. However, their dressing and jewelry might be a hint. It is not Quiché or Kackchiquel. Sorry! 🙁

    @Laurent, thanks for you feedback.

    @emromesco, once again you guess correctly. These mothers are Q’eqchi’. Please, send me your latest address so I can send you the signed post card. Thanks for playing the crazy Guatemalan guessing game. 😉

  • That was fun, Rudy. I love how you teach us as well as thrill us with your pictures. And, I never thought I liked marimba music either, but every song you’ve put up so far has given me goosebumps. I probably wouldn’t have listened to marimba otherwise, so thank you 🙂

  • sheila

    beautiful song. Thank you

  • Happy Mother’s Day to everyone from New York!

  • emromesco

    I received the postcard today! Thanks Rudy. Hopefully we get to see each other in December.

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