New McCafé in Antigua

New McCafé in Antigua

Nowadays, even fast-food restaurants are creating up-scale spaces within their premises. That’s the case of McDonald’s in La Antigua Guatemala that turned a little coffee cart service they had at the entrance known as McCafé into a large and delightful area for having coffee, desserts and your regular menu with a South view of Volcán de Agua (that’s to the left of the photo above). On top of it all, there is trouble-free wifi zone available in the McCafé dining area for checking emails, the recent or past entries of AntiguaDailyPhoto, videos and the latest twitter trends.

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  • Rudy, is the wifi new? The last time I was in, there wasn’t any (just some desktops to sit at).

  • I’ve only been once in Antigua and that was 16 years ago. There were no Mc Donalds at that time but I must admit this one is just great. When do I go ?

  • Erick

    At what time of the day was this pic taken? It looks pretty empty in there, but given its location, I would assume that it’s usually pretty crowded, no? It looks pretty neat.

  • Wow, they really outdid themselves. You can find such posh Mcdonalds in Manhattan. They have one with a piano bar!

  • I love the style of the place.

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