Café Barista Panino and Freedom of Speech

Café Barista Panino

For those who come to AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com for the photos, here’s today’s photo of paninos or paninis which I believe are Italian words for sandwiches. In the picture above you can appreciate the cheese and chicken panino from Café Barista which aims to have gourmet sandwiches to accompany their large selection of up-scale coffee selection. A panino like the above sells for about Q40/$5 in Café Barista of La Antigua Guatemala.

Violation of Freedom of Speech Rights Aside: Like Manolo mentioned the other day, there is huge tele-novela (soap opera) scandal going on in Guatemala which began on Monday over the releasing of an 18-minute video of Slain Lawyer. The indignation over the accusation in the video have made all the news the world over. Really, it is a shameful situation for a country and its government.

I have tried to keep all the stuff out of this web site, except for some hints and links I posted on Monday and Tuesday. However, I draw the line when a person, Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández, is arrested and fined Q50,000/$6250 over a single Tweet of indignation. That’s got be the most expensive twit ever. What country am I living in where a person can go to jail and be fined Q50,000/$6250 over a 140-character opinion. This has to be the most ludicrous violation of the Freedom of Speech as well as a violation of the Guatemalan Constitutional Rights. You have to read all the details of the imprisonment of Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández (@jeanfer). Also, please if you can spare 5 minutes of your time, please write to the Guatemalan Government and demand that Jean Ramses Anleu Fernández be freed without paying a single centavo.

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  • emromesco

    I think “panino” is singluar and “panini” is plural. My protest: comments less than 140 car.

  • Eric

    3 breves ideas, Rudy :
    1) Looks like a great lunch. Personally, I would rather have comida tipica de Guatemala, only because I can get panini anywhere around here.
    2) El escandolo es increible ! I don’t know that tele-novelas are this crazy. For what it’s worth (this will be my only comment about this), I hope for the truth to be known, and justice to be done…con calma, por Dios !
    3) If the evil watchdogs who filter my internet service allow me to do so, I will send off a note in protest regarding the treatment of el Sr. Fernandez. I might have to send it ‘snail-mail’ though … : (

  • Erick

    That panini looks delicious, but I agree with the previous poster, I’ll take a revolcado and tortillas any day of the week over this.

    What’s going on in Guatemala is almost hard to believe. Is it going back to the 60-80s when anyone that spoke ill of the government or its corrupt officials would be labeled as communists and then tortured/killed? I can’t believe this government calls itself a democracy, they are far….far from it. Guatemala has endured decades of corrupt government officials, how much more can the people endure? Very sad. I’ve said my peace.

  • Eddie

    ooh that panino looks yami yami; I have not tried those from cafe barista in la Antigua but I have tried a variety of paninos from la calle Preston in Ottawa. Now going back to the big drama in my lovely Guatemala, we know that Guatemala not only had a corrupt government but also a corruted society, I have seen this picture before many times, guatemalans are so negative that they believe that the worse always happen there, but is also true anything can happen there before we jump to conclusions we need to be smart and wait for developments in the telenovela remember the three MP’s from el Salvador, or the three Narcos some people might said now, but early in that case everyone was condemning guatemala in general, now we know that we help an excongress man from el Salvador who have planned everything.
    what about the corrupted government in Italy Verluscony y sus secuases or the Ex president from Germany, or the corruptions in the Canadian Government, or the corruptions and assassins of the USA that in the name of democrasy have killed thousands all over the world. And yet It is wrong what is going on in Guatemala I do not know if you guy have ever live outside Guatemala in countries that are corruption but of course it is less, but societies are more healthier so governments are less corrupted I have lived in Canada for 20 years where their citizen have values and morals where you are first and then me, where respect is taken very serious, I am very sure that most of you are asking for justice but you do not do justice in your every day life, you want respect but you do not have respect for the average guatemalan citizen; you demand to the authorities a cleaner environment but you do not look a safe place to put your garbage and one more thing our politicians our liders come from our own society so what do you expect.
    before you ask or demand for better service good justice, look inside yourself first and then ask and demand wisely

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