Dome Roof Details at Cafe Barista

Dome Roof Details at Cafe Barista

All along these 1,124 consecutive entries, I have been compiling a collection of abstract photographs of La Antigua Guatemala with the idea that one day, perhaps, I will have another exhibit called Antigua Abstracta as a follow up to Antigua in Black and White. Anyway, in the mean time, you get to enjoy my findings.

Here are other possible candidate for the Antigua Abstracta series: New Aesthetic Values for an Old Town, Antigua Colors, Upside Down Arches, Shadow casting lamp.

Please, tell me what you think of the idea and if you had the money, would you buy photos from this series?

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • emromesco

    Pues it is a nice idea. Now if I had 1 M $ I’d be rich, and would buy you pictures (and I would buy you a monkey, but not a real monkey, that’s cruel).

  • Stephanie

    I like it! One thing I love about photos like this is that they make me see my own surroundings differently. Often I just see the big picture — but this reminds me to look at the little details in their own rights. It’s amazing what you see when you take the time to look!

  • Eric

    Rudy, the key phrase is, “If you had the money…”. Si tuve el dinero … porque no ? Now, where do I get this “money”…? Ja-ja-ja.
    Nice shot. Without knowing where it was taken (although you mention it in the title), it makes the viewer question … am I looking up, down, straight ahead ? Is my point of view upside down ? Where do these rows of bricks lead ? Keep us guessing !

  • Claudia

    HMMM interesteing shot – gave me a little bit o’ vertigo though.