Open Schools: Playgrounds

Escuelas Abiertas: Playgrounds

One important aspect of the Escuelas Abiertas school program on the weekends will definitely be the safe playgrounds and fútbol and basquet bol canchas, foot ball (soccer) and basket ball courts respectively.

I wish I can transmit through images the energy and happiness of the kids playing in their school courts with new balls on the weekends.

Surely, this will have an impact on how children see their school during the week since they know this building is not only the place they are obligated to go to receive their education, but can also be a fun place to go to play with their friends and to learn computers, English, music, handicrafts, and art stuff without any obligation at all.

I wish there were open schools when I was growing up.

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  • Kris

    I think this is the first time I’ve commented although I’ve been following your website daily for a long time and really appreciate the pictures and information. I really like the Escuelas Abiertas program. How absolutely awesome! I wish that they had that here in the US (or at least, where I live)!!!

  • Erick

    I think that free-throw is going to come up short. 😉

  • Stephanie

    Rudy, I think your hope for the impact the program can have is justified. There is ample research in the USA that shows the more we connect kids to their schools through relationships, recreation, etc., the more invested they become in their education and the less they become involved in delinquent or criminal behavior. There are people who have envisioned schools as comprehensive community centers (school for kids, adult education, health centers, recreation centers, etc.) — unfortunately, that model has not been adopted fully although a few exceptional schools have implemented some limited aspects of it.