Baroque Style from La Merced Church

Baroque Style from La Merced Church

For sure, if you have followed the AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com for a while, you have seen photos of La Iglesia de La Merced, right? Well, in case you have not seen this richly saturated yellow landmark from La Antigua Guatemala, here are some of the previous photos: La Merced Church framed by the Arch of Santa Catalina; Show me the moon; Façade of Iglesia de La Merced; Iglesia de La Merced Dome; Framed shadow; and Dove meeting.

However, I believe this is the first time I actually show you a close-up view of the baroque details which adorn the façade of Iglesia de La Merced, quite possibly the most beautiful church in Guatemala. Or can you come up with a different name for the most beautiful church in Guatemala?

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  • Erick

    Just curious…Is that supposed to be a statue of a particular saint/pope?

  • Donald

    I like the church in San Andres Xecul.

  • Hola! Beautiful church photo. I enjoyed looking through your blog again. Muchos gracias – regards from EAGAN daily photo blogger in Minnesota, USA Adios