Guatemala does not have a Spring season, nor Summer, Autumn, nor Winter, yet it is known as the Land of the Eternal Spring because year round the flowers and plants are blossoming. The only Mayflowers that I have seen are the flowers of the coffee tree which reacted to the first rains of May.

All year you can find spots like the one above where you can buy live flowers for your garden. Do you want to know the average rate?

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  • norm kwallek

    The flower market in Antigua is worth the trip in of its self. As I remember it was two or three times a week and had every kind of flower grown on sale. A feast for the soul.

  • Hey Rudy,

    Have you ever considered moving to Guatemala City and doing a Daily Photo blog? Having visited the captial over the past 20 years and read so much about the history in Revue mag it’s something that needs to be done.


  • Erick

    I would not want to trade living in La Antigua for Guatemala City; Antigua is just too nice! But I do think it’d be pretty neat to expand on the scope of the blog and perhaps illustrate other cities (including Guatemala City).

  • @Norm, flowers are so inexpensive in Guatemala and you can buy the most exotic flower arrangements for a little over $10.

    @Peter, no, it has never cross my mind. I would be muy loco if I moved to the more expensive, more dangerous and more chaotic GuateCity. I am sure there are plenty of people who can be doing a GuatemalaDailyPhoto.Com and I will be happy to notify you when they do. 😉

    @Erick, that’s right. You know it.