Rear View Mirror Vistas

Rear View Mirror Vistas

Some people like photos without people; aseptic and sterile images pues. I am the opposite. To me what makes the image interesting is the life in it.

Here’s my approach to the photo taking process:

This morning as I was driving past the San Francisco El Grande Church, I spotted a classic post card of Antigua Guatemala, so I parked, I prepared for the shot and waited for tourists or Antigüeños to appear. I had done three takes when the monk came into the viewfinder and so the shot was resolved. (follow the white rabbit to see the image)

For a while now, I wanted to take some photos using the rear view mirror as a frame. Well, the other day I was lucky to see a group of Guatemalan women from the highlands dressed with their gorgeous cortes so I drove up to the next corner and set the mirror and then prepared the camera and waited. The image above is one of the images in the series. I hope you like it even though it has people in it. 😉

Please, tell me do you like photos with or without people?

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Rudy, your fotos are always thoughtful and beautiful, pero me encantan mas que todas las fotos con gente.

  • I agree with you Rudy. Keep people in your shots. People help to define a place and give a sense of scale to the image.

  • Stephanie

    That is an incredible framing!!! I like photos both with and without people. It all depends on what is being captured. When the people seem incidental to the photo and it’s a beautiful vista or architecture then I wish the people weren’t there. But in a photo like this it captures LIFE and so I like them and the photo would seem empty without them.

    I am curious — As a gringa, I had been told not to take photos of people in traje unless I asked their permission first. As a Guatemalteco do you feel this same sense of obligation (before or after the photo)? Why or why not?

  • Andi

    I like people, especially interesting people like these women.

  • Erick

    Another vote for photos with people on them.

  • Ellen

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo!!! While all of your photographs are wonderul, this one is especially beautiful. Thanks for what you do. I look forward to your emails every day! It’s like a mini-vacation in my imagination each time I look at one of your photos. Thanks!

  • Cin

    Love the people in the photos. Back in the day it used to be so hard to get them to stand still or let you take a photo. Love the rear view mirror point of view also.
    Your photos always remind me of when I was there. thanks

  • cynthia

    What a fantastic foto! I have not been checking my mail for awhile and this was the first in my Inbox when I finally sat down at the computer this evening. Muchisimas gracias.

  • norm kwallek

    Best photo this year, you nailed it. It has that quality that an old tin plate had. The flaking paint sets it off.

  • Lucky

    With people, please Rudy because it is the human side of your fine job. Well done! (When can we enjoy your currency series?)

  • emromesco

    Pure genius! (trans. to chapin: que buzo caperuzo)

  • Alan

    Here is another vote for “with” people. Keep up the great work.

  • sharon

    I have been procrastinating purchasing tickets back to GUA this photo nailed my emotions as to why I need to get back. Since 2007 I have made 3 trips to Antigua with my teenage children. Thank you for convincing me to purchase the tickets! This photo is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you

  • AB

    Nice photo. It captures the street life well and highlights the amazing colours of the houses and clothes.

  • @Everyone, thanks for your awesome feedback and kind words.

    @Stephanie, almost never I ask permission, I rather pull out the camera and talk to people, make some jokes or ask them specific questions about their doings and the permission is implicit. Other times, there is no need like in this case where the photo was taken from a mirror or from far away. My main goals is to bring you natural looking scenes, voyeuristic pictures, where I am invisible and you can vicariously be in my shoes and behind my viewfinder. Do you get this feeling at least once in a while, I hope! 😉

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  • Ale

    Rudy- This is one of your best pictures ever. It’s just WOW.

  • MO

    I like this shot very much.

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  • I love the colors of the buildings also.