Theme Day: Feet

Theme Day: Feet

Once again AntiguaDailyPhoto.Com will be participating in the Theme Day of the City Daily Photo community, over 500 cities around the globe. I am not sure how many cities will be participating this month, but I decided to be part of the theme, which is feet for June 2009. If you would like to see the previous theme day photos from La Antigua Guatemala, please browse the Theme Day category.

I hope you like the simple black and white image of several police feet wearing the work boots. Please, let me know your thoughts.

Thanks for visiting and please, if you can do pay a visit to the other participating cities around the planet. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants

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  • AB

    The contrast with the colourful clothes and houses in the other photos of this blog could not be more stark.

  • Superb photograph. Love the way you’ve captured these men, the angle, the boots of course. Perfect for today and so effective in B and W.

  • Excellent monochrome and literally so uniform.

  • Guatemala feet and La Antiqua feet! Police feet meet citizen feet. Feet greet on the street! Strong feet in boots feet! What a feet treat in the South American heat! EAGAN daily photo feet greet from my Minnesota street!

  • Whenever I see uniform boots in line, such as these, I think military. Photographically it is superb, but culturally, I have both positive and negative feelings when I see a photo such as this. Ah, such is the way of our world!

  • Great photo for theme day.

  • Eric

    Que buen oportunidad para los lustradores ! Je-je-je.
    Another nice shot of life in La Antigua. I think the b&w brings a little bit of emotion to a shot that otherwise wouldn’t seem that interesting. Nice job !

  • Erick

    Very cool shot. All those officers lined up like that make me think of riot-police about to bust some heads, but I’m sure that’s not the intent of the picture, it’s just what comes to mind when I see it.

  • A very well composed photo…and it could evoke a number of different responses.

  • slim

    I like this and it’s great in monochrome. Is it unusual to get the police lined up like this?

  • I think your photo is fantastic, but I’m not crazy about the subject. I’m never happy to see police or military uniforms because I keep wishing we didn’t need them.

  • Excellent composition. i like the black and white

  • Great photo, as usual. I enjoy your site.

    Although your photo is of police, it does look like the military. In Costa Rica, there has not been any military for 60 years, as Ticos prefer that the government spend money on education and health care instead.