Chirimilla Flute and Drums from Guatemala

Chirimilla Flute and Drums from Guatemala

How can simple instruments and uncomplicated and repetitive sounds create a profound, hauntingly, bewitching and fascinating musical experience? How can Guatemalans explain to other people the spiritual fibers that are touched by the fragile and high-pitched notes of the chirimilla flute and the heartbeat thumps emanating from the drums? How can two unpretentious and complementing sounds transport us through a mystical trip to pre-Columbian times? How? Me urge saber.


© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • sistersandy

    Thank you so much for including the video with sound so that I could hear what you were describing. I look forward to each day’s picture and explanation.

  • Eric

    Okay, Rudy, now I know you are a cruel man – not only do you torture your viewers daily with the brilliant colors and stories of La Antigua, but now there’s music with a video … a video that shows not only the musicians, but also the wonderful after-church snacks … for those of us who have been to La Antigua, it is too much ! I can smell the ocote coming from the houses and the fresh tortillas ! Fine ! I will be there soon ! Je-je-je..
    I like the way your photo travels from one color and texture to the next – the eye moves from the high-relief and brilliant orange and white of the church… to the drummer on the left… to the brilliant red drum … to the flute player on the right. Excellent composition, and (from the video), talented subjects. Bravo !

  • Grant

    Where is the location? Is this in Antigua, or in smaller village outside of Antigua? Thanks.

  • Ale

    Great video!

  • @SisterSandy, thank you for your kind feedback. Please subscribe if you have done so already.

    @Eric, okay we’ll go to have some tostadas when you finally come to Antigua.

    @Grant, this church is located in San Pedro Las Huertas, one of the communities of La Antigua Guatemala.

    @Ale, qué bueno que te gusto. Saludos y regresa pronto.

  • Rudy, I love the picture, and the video! Thanks for transporting me to La Antigua Guatemala.
    The other day I was telling someone from Santa Rosa where i had traveled in Guate, and I said “Antigua,” and he said, “oh, La Antigua Guatemala?” I was chastened; because of you, I knew he was right to correct me!