Dining Out in La Antigua Guatemala

Dining at Las Mil Flores

One of the best things about living in La Antigua Guatemala is dining out. Almost everywhere you go you will find elegant, delightful and lovely dining areas, regardless of the quality of the food, which is also an enjoyable challenge in itself. For instance, who’s got the best tomatoes, basil and cheese in town? Where can I find the best nachos? What’s the best sushi restaurant? Where can I find tom yum goong? And so on. Regardless of where you find the ultimate tiramisù cake, you are bound to find enchanting and pleasing dining areas everywhere in La Antigua Guatemala.

Please share with us what are your absolute favorite dining places in La Antigua Guatemala and why?

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  • Marvin

    WOW looks really nice. Where was the pic taken? I’ll be in Guate on the 20th and I always make it a point to spend a couple of days in Antigua. Maybe I’ll stop by to get a table here!

  • i can not wait to eat out in Antigua!!!!!
    3 more weeks and I’ll be there. Very nervous about the move, but since I know where it’s going, I’m also very excited!

  • Donna Sidey

    Rudy, I don’t recognize this dining room and would love to know where it is. My favourites are Cafe Mediterraneo and Cafe Peru!

  • It seems like a nice place.

  • rocio

    I love Quesos y Vino. The carbonara is the best.

  • alvis

    I’ve dined there but twice but the owner/chef has prepared numerous other dishes that I have been lucky enough to devour. The place is “The restaurant with no name” down by La Merced diagonal across from Dona Canche’s. Hector Castro is the artist’s name who creates the cuisine and the atmosphere. I can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up when I return in mid-July. Hope to meet you too then Rudy.

  • alvis

    I didn’t mean to imply that the ADP pic that started this thread was of Hector’s place…it is not. Though Hector does have a very interesting and cozy thing going on.

  • @Marvin, this photo was taken at the restaurant Las mil flores inside the Vista Real hotel.

    @Marina, you are going to love dining out in La Antigua Guatemala. Make sure you look me up for lunch one of these days.

    @Donna, I believe Café Perú does not exist any more; I had not dine at Café Mediterraneo yet. The photo was taken at the restaurant Las mil flores inside the Vista Real hotel.

    @Laurent, yes it is indeed, although I only took the photo. I haven’t been lucky enough to here yet. 🙁

    @Rocio, me too. I have not had Quesos y Vino‘s carbonara yet, but I enjoy very much their pizzas and antipasto.

    @Alvis, oh yes the Restaurante Sin Nombre of Héctor Castro is very good. Recently, I was invited to dine there by John and Cat, two loyal readers and supporters of AntiguaDailyPhoto. Thanks to them, I enjoyed the wonderful tomatoes, basil and cheese I referenced above. 😉

  • Hi!
    Great, we can go to this restaurant:)

  • Duane Lepine

    I was just in Antigua Guatemala for wedding , I was there for 1 week and one of the places I had the pleasure to dine is at HECTORS , I recommend to sit at the bar and watch the action as his team really knows how to cook. I was there with a group of nine and we took up the whole place so get there early to get a good seat. Two thumbs for this place you wont be let down