Having Lunch by The Garden

Having Lunch by The Garden

As more houses of La Antigua Guatemala are turned into business, the old architectonic spaces are converted for new uses. Here for instance, we can appreciate how the classic corridor of the Guatemalan house is turned into a dining area.

The corridor, corredor in Spanish, was an essential element of many Guatemalan houses which served the purpose of a connecting hallway between the rooms on the left of the photo (not shown) and at the same time providing ventilation and light to those very rooms. Back in colonial times, the corridors were wide enough to have a breakfast or lunch dining area, some sofas or furniture for informal meetings, an omnipresent mecedora, rocking chair, for grandma or grandpa and pots with flowers which were set on the outer edge, next to the garden and fountains.

Nowadays, these wide pasillos, passageways, served as dining areas for many restaurants. By the way, we are in the middle of the rainy season right now, but in La Antigua Guatemala that’s no reason not enjoy the sunshine and gardens available throughout town. Oh life is tough in Antigua. 😉

Can anybody guess where in La Antigua Guatemala this photo was taken?

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  • sheila

    So beautifull! I love the corredores.

  • Rudy, looks awfully familiar, I just can’t quite place it…

  • Jon

    Is the picture of Posada de Dom Rodrigo on Calle del Arco?

  • Annie

    The picture was from Hotel de Monica, near the Palacio de la India (right in front of it). On the Norther side of the Antigua!

  • Ligia

    This picture was taken in Restaurante Donde Monica… that’s the name… and there is a little hotel too.