Romantic Dinners in Antigua Guatemala

Romantic Dinners in Antigua Guatemala

Finding romantic spots in La Antigua Guatemala is not difficult at all, but if you want to really impress your loved one, in other words your better half, head straight for the Welten Restaurant where they have a pool partially covered with rose petals, baroque and classical music in the background, candles and flowers in every table and delicious and aesthetically pleasing menu to complement the romantic atmosphere. Oh decisions, decisions, such is life in La Antigua Guatemala. 😉

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  • Very romantic photo! Wish I were there! You must have a great camera or be a smart photographer for both to take this snap! Bravo!

  • Nice pic Rudy. Looks expensive is it? I’ll be heading down Antiqua way next month and I’m looking for something lively. Can you recommend anywhere? Club/ Bar/Disco? Howabout a restaurant with live music? I recall a nice jazz place in one of the side streets a couple of years back.

  • sheila

    They say that Antigua is one of the most romantic places on Earth. You see lovers everywhere, i wonder is it the beatifull views?

  • here a picture from the other side, for my married anniversary, very good restaurant

  • Looks very romantic.