Color Palette: Yellow and Blue

Yellow and Blue

Here’s another addition to the color palette category. Also, this is second version of the Show Me The Moon from Antigua Guatemala.

Photo Tip: One of the tips that I received from Ricardo Mata, Guatemalan photographer with over 50 years of experience and assistant to Ansel Adams at one point in his life, was always take the same photo in landscape and portrait orientation; you will never know when you will need one or the other. I try to follow this advice as often as possible.

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  • Stephanie

    Wow! There are so many amazing contrasts in this photo — yellow vs. blue, smooth sky vs. layered depths of the building, light on the building vs. darkness of the tree — and of course the moon in contrast to the sky. It’s absolutely stunning. Photos like this make me wish that I had a huge house where I could display dozens of your photos! I promise to place an order some day — it’s just so hard to choose and then you go and post another amazing one and the choosing gets even harder.


    Contraste de colores y dimencion, algún dia podre tomar
    una fotografía como está.

  • @Stephanie, my suggestion: buy the photos that you like now and if later you see other photos, then purchase a second batch. Also, write to me if you need special price for batch or large quantity. I surely appreciate everyone’s support through the purchase of high quality prints from the photos at AntiguaDailyPhoto. Thanks for the feedback!

    @Luis, no hay nada que te detenga. Tenés todo lo que se necesita para capta imágenes como ésta y mejores.

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