Guatemalan Musical Instruments

Guatemalan Musical Instruments

To play this game you simply try to name as many musical instruments as you can from the musical stand above (you might need to click on the photo to get a larger version for details). Let the game begin.

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  • They all look like some sort of percussion instruments, whatever they’re called. And they look wonderful! But that’s not surprising since my favorite band here has 10 percussionists 🙂

  • ¡Tambores! I see many different kinds of drums, and are those turtle shells hanging in the middle? I see maracas (?) and it looks like pan flutes (again, ?) behind la bandera de ese bello país, la hermosa Guatemala. Perhaps you could give us hints via a sound clip 😉 ?

  • Acoustic Guitar

    This picture of a one-man band is really interesting. Hmmm… Do i see a clarinet barrel over there? Well, i call the instruments as DRUMS, that’s pretty much what my brain can come up with 🙂 and oh, i see one wind instrument hanging..sweet!