Three Generations

Three Generations

Resistance through culture; culture through textiles; textiles as heritage; heritage as identity; identity as resistance.

What do you think?

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  • Beautiful textiles, fascinating culture, powerful statement.

  • I never thought of it that way, but you may be right. And maybe that’s why I like native and ethnic weaves (and other handicrafts, and even music) so much.

    Lovely photo!

  • AB

    Woven cloth is a nice image to represent the passing on of traditions. Especially when it is so colourful

  • Eric

    … A resistance led by the wonderful ladies of Santa Catarina Polopo ! I know they are not the onl;y ladies with alot of blue in their huipiles, but they do seem to be the most agressive saleswomen in all of Guatemala. Ja-ja-ja!
    Well, you have made a nice circle of association, and it goes well with the circle composed of the three generations of ladies in the photo. And very colorful .
    Hey, wait a minute – isn’t the Restaurant and Bar Without a Name behind these lovely ladies ? We are going to see alot of photos outside of Iglesia la Merced, aren’t we …? Ja-ja !

  • emromesco

    Excelente post. Estas practicando tus “tweets”? Por otro lado es ideal para el dia del ejercito.

  • Rachel

    Love it!

  • My last day in La Antigua Guatemala, I was out of money, and wandering around the market near the buses, when a young woman saw me looking at her wares. She set aside the little loom she was using and began to explain the meanings of the woven designs. She showed me textiles woven by her father, her sister, and her mother. I wish I could remember all she told me, but it seemed like each variation in the designs had a specific meaning to her family, & to her pueblo. I promised to go get cash from an ATM and return to buy something from her. But I couldn’t, I had a bus to catch. I still feel bad for not going back.
    I agree w you, Rudy. Cultural identity perpetuated through tradition is resistance, powerful and necessary.

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Rudy – I must clear up the mystery of the “restaurant without name” that has the wonderful food. It is called Hector’s ( maybe has casa at the end of the name – not sure). I want it to be very successful so everybody go there… so it will be still be there when I return to LAG.

  • I shared this on my Facebook page today–thank you for posting it. It’s very powerful.

    I was wondering if the Restaurant Without a Name might be Hector’s–I ate there just over a year ago with the other women I was in Guatemala volunteering with (we teach midwifery in the highlands near Nahuala and stay in Antigua on our way to and from–I love Antigua and want to move there for a while with my family). This year the team couldn’t find the restaurant again (I couldn’t come this year but hope to return next year). Does anyone know if it moved or if it is still open? Hector’s food is incredible and we loved it there!