Cuddling Couple at the Cross

Cuddling Couple at the Cross

If you are a tourist just passing through for a couple days you are probably not one to find time to discover and appreciate the stunning view from Cerro de la Cruz. But, locals, ex-pats, Spanish students and the traveler who kicks off his shoes and stays awhile eventually find themselves huffing up the winding road to Cerro Santo Domingo. I wonder if the lookout point has been dubbed “make-out point.” This couple is certainly enjoying the ambience of the hilltop vista. Can’t say I blame them…

text and photo by Laura McNamara.

© 2009 – 2013, Laura McNamara. All rights reserved.

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  • Eric

    Great shots, Laura. I’ve been taking a short break during the 4th-of-July holiday up here in los EEUU (read as:sleeping away the long weekend), but I’m finally catching up with LAGDP, and I love your photos – all interesting subject matter.
    “Aaaaiiiiighh!!! Mimes!!!!!” would be my first reaction (Ja-ja-ja), but I like the photos, and agree with you about watching the crowd. Not watching the crowd is like missing half of the show.
    The poise of the Mayan ladies always astounds me. On my last visit, on my way to get some pan dulce, I saw a lady put a case of Tampico soft drinks on her head – no tzute, no nothin’ – and walk down the street without using a hand to steady it. I usually tell them that they are the reason why I am such a gentleman when I visit, because anyone who can put that much weight on their head and walk down the street (often with a child on her back) could probably kick my a$$ without even trying. : )
    The bikers can be interesting, no ? Once, at Dona Luisa’s, a man walked in wearing head-to-toe cross-country riding gear. He started climbing out of it so that he could relax at the table and get some lunch…much to my surprise, the actual person was about half the size of the (heavily padded)jumpsuit. It reminded me of the ‘Men in Black’ movie…Ja-ja-ja
    And, someday, I will have to bring my girlfriend to Cerro de la Cruz. Beautiful perspective in the photo. Reminds me that I’ve stumbled across a couple or two in las Ruinas de la Recoleccion….they were, uh, recollecting……
    Nice mix of candid street shots, and I love the couple at Cerro de la Cruz with the sweeping vista behind them. Always interesting to see what falls through the vortex, and lands in La Antigua. Thank you !

  • Sheila

    Now that is a view and a kiss.

  • Micaela

    I smooched with my novio up there, AFTER we caught our breath from the steep climb.

  • I love this romantic picture, and what a view! The black & white just adds to its romantic mood. I’m enjoying your photos, Laura, nice work!

  • @Laura, now this is what I call a real voyeur photograph. I really like your composition and your adherence to the rule of thirds. Awesome work. Keep it up!

  • @Eric: “anyone who can put that much weight on their head and walk down the street (often with a child on her back) could probably kick my a$$ without even trying…” says it all! 😉 hahaha… Antigua truly is a vortex isn’t it? Great description!

    @Sheila: so how about it? Will you be the next lovebird on that bench then?? 😉

    @Micaela: Cerro de la Cruz aka Makeout Point

    @Janna: Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it!!

    @Rudy: I need your angled lens to be the true “voyeur”!! Thanks again for letting me contribute Rudy!!