Framing the Volcanoes

Framing the Volcanoes

Believe it or not, I like framing. It is one of things I like to do most while taking photographs around La Antigua Guatemala. I began very humbly; framing little things like shadows. Then I framed a monk and a complete tower of a church. Soon I continued framing whole groups of people. Eventually I said to myself, oh what the heck, let’s try to frame a entire street. Once that’s been done, framing the moon seems quite possible. After the moon, framing a moving bicycle or a kid running doesn’t seem like a challenge anymore.

So, framing fuming volcanoes appears to be quite simple nowadays.

Can you tell me where the above photograph was taken and what was used as a frame?

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  • Eric

    I’m guilty of framing quite a bit myself, Rudy. When the frames themselves are so nice, it’s difficult not to use them so often.
    At first, I thought the shot was taken from the top floor of Dona Luisa’s Restaurante, but on second glance, could this be from the second floor of the Compania de Jesus ?

  • emromesco

    You seem to be in sync with the other DP site I subscribe to.
    Welcome back… shouldn’t the tile of today’s post be: The Return of the Jedi?

  • Jennifer S.

    Parque Central, in front of, Cafe Condessa…or some such.
    Of course, if I could see the tiles on the ceiling, I could be for sure. Loved those tiles on the ceiling on that building!

  • Jennifer S.

    Oh…I think I am wrong on the building. How would you get the view of the volcanoes from that perspective? Plus, the church in the back ground…its on the tip of my tongue…
    Oh well, the trees trimmed is definately Parque central-ish. 😉

  • Olá! Tens um lindo espaço ornado com belíssimas fotos, porém seria bem melhos se puzesses um tradutor, pois ficaria mais fácil para entender e comentar.



  • I believe that the Cafe Condessa guess was close. I would say in front of the Muni (first floor) looking in the direction of Cafe Condessa. Enjoy the day!

  • @Everyone, I believe Suzanne almost solved the mystery. The photo was taken at the Portal of the Municipality, right in front of the Museum of the Antique Book and using one these as frame.