Mother and Son Bonding

Mother and Son Bonding

Today it is your turn to do the caption for this street photo of a mother and son bonding in La Antigua Guatemala. Create a story or caption to go with the photo above. Simple, heh?!

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  • emromesco

    “Rock, paper, scissors! You win… we are going to Pollo Campero”

  • Erick

    They might actually be thumb-wrestling.

  • Wow, both of you thought of a game for the caption of the mother and child bonding. Also, it looks like nobody else feels like posting a caption. 🙁

  • Muy buen trabajo!

  • I can haz FB Connect.

  • Notificaciones por email?

  • “Please give me what you just had in your mouth – it is not to chew on” 🙂
    What a wonderful pic!

  • “Ok, let’s do ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’ to see who pays for the drinks.”

    It seems emromesco and I think alike…except I go for the more “adult” outcome…

  • catherine from Oregon

    I think I see a camera strap – so I think the caption should be ” if you keep taking pictures Rudito, one day you too can have your own website’

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