Natural Guatemalan Color Palette

Colors from Guatemala

When was the last time you visited the Color palette category? Well, I know I fed it exactly one month ago. Talking about feeding and eating, well, todays color palette goes very well with Guatemalan caldos, surely you know what caldos are, right?

Now that we are on the subject of caldos and Guatemalan cuisine; I have some questions for you. Here we go:

  • What is your favorite Guatemalan caldo?
  • What is your favorite caldo from anywhere?
  • When was the last time you had caldo and what kind was it?
  • What’s the difference between caldos and soups?
  • Can you cook a caldo all by yourself, which one?

If we get at least fifteen replies, I will answer all those questions myself as well; even though it may be considered over-sharing. 😉

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  • Sheila

    Se me hace agua la boca.
    My favorite caldo is caldo de pata.
    My favorite caldo from anther country is caldo verde de Portugal.
    Last time i had caldo, i had caldo de res.
    I believe caldos are hardier than soups.
    I can cook all caldos except my favorite caldo de pata.

  • Mercedes

    Mi caldo favorito es el caldo de pata
    Hace 1 semana tomé caldo de gallina criolla…buenísimo
    Los caldos son más cargados, las sopas más livianas
    Claro que puedo, el caldo de pata me queda buenísimo…con un picadito de chiltepe en limón, cebolla y cilantro

  • Mo

    Looks delicious to me.

  • HEG

    favorite caldo: Caldo de Chunto
    Favorite from everywhere: Same as above
    When: 2 weeks ago. which one: Caldo de Res
    Difference between caldo and soup? Is it the meat?
    Can I cook it myself? No.

  • emromesco

    Kak-ik! Although Caldo Real is a close second and has a connection with LAG 😉 (if this is Caldo Real, the other ones are fake?)
    From somewhere else I like Caldo Tlalpen~o, although it can be found in Guate too.
    Now, is Caldo = stew?
    I have never tried to make a caldo.

  • Striking photo. Makes me hungry!!

  • catherine from Oregon

    I don’t know what a caldo is – but I want to…. does that count as a response ( please oh please get to 15 ! )

    • @Catherine, any reply is good for the count; even this response to you. 😉

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