Quetzali Sign

Quetzali Sign

I am always amazed by the great quantity and quality of the signage in La Antigua Guatemala. Incredible that even though signs are regulated in Antigua, you can find so many different and artistic signs. Today’s sign, for instance, is a piece of wood known in Guatemalan Spanish a lepa, which is a slice of the tree which still has bark, on it the Quetzali sign was carved and finally painted. Simple and yet so distinctive, in my opinion. What do you think?

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  • I think a different way of writing signals ….

  • Stephanie

    I always enjoy your sign photos, Rudy. I think the variety and artistry of them says a lot about LAG. They convey a sense of pride, beauty, and attention to detail. They tell me that in LAG craftsmanship and artistry are valued (rather than commercial mass production).

  • They are attractive without being invasive, unlike most of the signage in North America.We get used to it here that even its ugliness becomes part of the backdrop of constant advertising and marketing we have grown so used to. They say a lot about the city as well as the level of artistry in Antigua.I so wish signage was regulated everywhere!

  • @Kiubas, ya vas nicolás… I too like the different writings and fonts found in the signs of La Antigua Guatemala.

    @Stephanie, yes that is very true. I like the fact that many signs are hand-made.

    @Michele, oh how I wish signage was regulated in Guatemala City, which has to be one of the most ugly cities with all the advertising signage. 🙁

  • Quetzali Basulto

    The sign is pretty and i like it even more because it has my name in it!!!