Arches within Arches

Arches within Arches

Since Rudy is such a fan of framing I thought I would toss in a few framed shots of my own. Has “arches framed with arches” been done? Rudy’s post Stairway to Heaven actually managed the feat though he failed to mention it. But, this photo from Hotel Centro Colonial Antigua frames two full arches and two partial arches within one closer arch. Geez, how many times can you say arch in a sentence? Anyway, shall a competition commence Rudy? Can you beat the number of arches I framed within another arch? I imagine he’ll have a photo topping mine up in no time…

text and photo by Laura McNamara

© 2009 – 2013, Laura McNamara. All rights reserved.

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  • Rudy Girón

    @Laura, I believe I have already topped your photo with just these two entries: Architectonic Details: Arches and Visit The Time Tunnel. However I think there are plenty more in the Arches category; enjoy the browsing.

  • emromesco

    Them fightin’ words Laura… and Rudy… your arch-ives are impressive, buy you already know that. In any case, nice indoor patio (not sure if it would fit the definition of “patio” in English).

  • Sheila

    This pic is so beatiful, it looks like i am actually there looking out. I love all the plants.

  • I was immediately attracted to this photo in the portal because this is how I’ve always envisioned my dream house! A courtyard in the middle of rooms with open corridors. Lovely!

  • @Rudy: I could get lost in a browsing trance on your website. Hmmm… I’ll have to come up with something else then. 😉

    @emromesco: I’m not fightin’… just a little friendly competition! Jejejejee…

    @Sheila, @Hilda: Courtyards like these are abundant in LAG. Hilda, I’m sure you could find at least 50 courtyards that could fit into your idea of your “dream home” here!