Guatemalan Chuparrasco

Guatemalan Chuparrasco

Last year I mentioned about that thanks to the wise weather gods, in Guatemala any time of the year is good for grilling and barbequing and to meet with friends for what is known locally as El Chuparrasco; a contraction between chupa for drinking and rrasco, short for churrasco or barbecuing or grilling.

I also alluded to the fact that the dried season, or rainless, that goes from the end of October to end of April is the best weather in Guatemala (which covers part of the Fall, full Winter and part of the Spring seasons) for barbecuing and in general. Well, guess what, this year due the lack of heavy rains, we are having an extended dry season and thus chuparrascos are happening all the time.

Oh life in Guatemala can also be very good, occasionally, don’t you agree!

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  • MaggieD

    @Laura – very much enjoying your artistic photos, and your eloquence in descriptions! Walking down LAG streets so often I would have to stop and study such scenes, and when my friends would ask “what are you looking at?” I was always at a loss for words. NOW, maybe I could better explain to them…it’s the light! (and shadows, too, of course). Thanks for your contributions. I look forward to seeing more of your creativity!

  • Wow, Rudy you are so lucky to be able to BBQ any time you want. This pic is making me hungry, now i have to go see what i can BBQ. Thanks 🙂

  • Sompopo

    Beer and cooking meat on the grill, ain’t nothing like it. 🙂

  • emromesco

    Summer has been a little shy up here in the T-dot this year. Average 24 C (sorry I have never learned F) and a bit rainy. I am actually not complaining much… that has meant almost no “smog days” and no humidity. I would take a good snowstorm any day over a hot humid 40C day with the humidex on top.

    Although this weird weather up here and down there might just mean the end of the world is near 😉 We better just enjoy a few cold ones with some properly cooked meat to forget about it. Salu’!

  • @MaggieD, thanks for awesome feedback. I will make sure to tell Laura.

    @Sheila, well, it isn’t just me, anybody living in Guatemala can have a chuparrasco anytime. That’s what you get for living in the Land of the Eternal Spring. 🙂

    @Sompopo, you got that right sir. Welcome back, I thought you have abandon us. I am glad a chuparrasco can bring you forward. Saludos a Flor y la cuñada.

    @Emromesco, after I read your comment about high humidity and 40C, I took this photo. What’s the perfect weather conditions again?

  • Speaking of barbeque… there’s a fantastic little joint about a half hour drive outside of Antigua. Start making your way to Tecpan and along the road you’ll see a small wooden food shop called “La Colina.” Cheap, ridiculously yummy (with tortillas negras!) and with a wonderful view of the quintessentially charming field full of little yellow blossoms! If we were allowed to post things from “around Antigua” I would submit photos!

    • Rudy Girón

      Sure, you can post things from “around La Antigua Guatemala”; just don’t go beyond the Meso-American borders. 😉

      BTW, I believe the name of the place is La Carreta. Been there done that!

  • @MaggieD: Thanks for the shout!! And yes, I quite agree, the light here in LAG has a mesmerizingly magic quality to it!

  • To add to that, I once said: “The color of magic is orange – infinite shards of supernovae orange!”

  • carlos

    hey rudy me gusto mucho tu pajina la verdad q esta super y llena de mucha informacion. sigue adelante . y gracias por hacerme recordar mucho de guatemala en especial antigua ya que es un lugar mistico y lleno de mucha historia ah ! este fin de semana voy hacer un chuparrasco con mi familia y amigos saludos a todos

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