Yuca, cassava or manioc, Anyone, Anyone?

Yuca, cassava or manioc, Anyone, Anyone?

Yuca, also known as cassava or manioc, is root widely consumed in Latin America and Guatemala is not the exception. You can yuca (you-kah) in caldos, in soups, in recados, fried, boiled, mashed, as yuca chips (similar to potato chips). Yuca is sold as snack with portion costing a mere Q2/$0.24 topped with tomato sauce and chile. In the old days, yuca was sold with tomato sauce and anchovies or chicharrón.

In the picture above, you can appreciate what Q4 of yuca looks like and topped with a green avocado and chile sauce. I wonder if Amanda from AntiguaFC.com has considered selling yuca chips online; I believe this would be a hot seller, don’t you agree?.

When was the last time you had yuca and how it was served?

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  • Cindee

    Love Yuca! I really loved the Vigorón they used to sell out front of the movie theaters.
    I can yuca at the Mexican grocery and will go there special if I am making a soup. I think I last did that about 2 years ago when I served a Nicagauan dinner.
    Thanks for such a great photo. Then again they always are full of memories for me.

  • cynthia

    My mouth is watering seeing two of my favorite foods combined in this photo. I frequently buy and prepare yucca, both fresh and frozen. The first time I tried yucca was on a trip to Ecuador. We ate yucca chips, fried yucca, mashed yucca, and many other recipes. I loved every one, and I am so glad I can now find it in most of
    my local grocery stores.

  • Erick

    I’ve never eaten yuca and avocado together, nor did I realize that it was done in Guate. I’ll have to give it a try some day, looks awesome.

  • Eric

    Oh, I would definitely buy yuca chips from AntiguaFC. I can get the giant-corporation-commercial variety up here that are pretty good, but I’ll bet that yuca chips from Guate would probably be better. I tried yuca in a pork stew I made a few weeks ago, and loved it. Along with Erick, I’ll be looking for yuca-avocado-chile combos on my next visit.

    These close-up shots came out great, Rudy. You can almost catch the aroma off the computer screen, and the colors are spot-on. That being said … you are still a cruel man for posting all the food photos. What’s a person trapped in the land of fast-food franchises and high-fructose corn syrup to do ? Well, other than dig out the passport and check the weather at La Aurora … Ja-ja-ja

  • the pic is very nice, i had yuca co chicharron not to long ago in a Savadorian restaurant. I never heard of yuca with avocado but it looks good.

  • emromesco

    And what about “tortitas de yuca” has anyone had them? I mean, to continue the “en miel” series.

  • Don Blodgett

    We had a beef stew with yuca and platanos and some other stuff on Tuesday. I would just as soon substitute potatoes because yuca costs about 5 times as much per pound (here in Michigan). The 5-pound bag in the freezer has a price tag that reads seven dollars and something(!) and a ten-pound bag of potatoes is about $2.89.

    But my wife does not complain about the money I spend on cerveza, so I keep my mouth shut about the yuca and mangos and such…

  • Eric, Unfortunately I don’t offer Yuca chips on my website “Antiguafc.com” The good news is that yuca chips are sold in almost every supermarket. Like you said, they are not as good as the ones from Guate, but they are not that bad either. I am currently updating the look of the store and I have already added some new products such as Pepitoria, pan borracho, dark chocolate in tablets, etc. I’m also getting ready for christmas treats. Pan Navideno que rico!! To visit the store for the next 72 hr please use the following link: http://yhst-19456752500479.stores.yahoo.net/ since the website is currently under the process of changing hosting service the other link is not working proprerly.
    I appreciate your comments and suggestions.
    Thank you,

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