Cake-like Baroque Column Details

Cake-like Baroque Column Details

Well, almost a year ago, I presented you with the new paint job of the Iglesia de San Pedro Apostol San Juan Bautista, in San Pedro Las Huertas, one of the villages of La Antigua Guatemala and I made a reference about how it looked like a cake. Well, this time I bring you a close-up view of one the columns from Iglesia de La Merced in La Antigua Guatemala. Needless to say that Iglesia de La Merced is the most baroque building in the entire city, La ruinas de El Carmen coming a close second.

I wander what kind of vine is being represented in the columns of La Merced Church, do you know?

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  • Eric

    This is a great shot, Rudy. On my last visit, the sun was so bright every time I passed La Merced that I couldn’t see much of anything. Usually I like to spend a moment or two out front, maybe buy a doblada or two, and (try to) take-in all the details. It’s not an easy task – maybe I just want an excuse to buy a few dobladas!
    Beautiful color, and good capture of the shadows to highlight a little of the detail.
    Also, I like the new website. It seems easier for me to jump back and forth between these shots and the twitterpix. Bravo !

    • @Eric, I am glad you are already taking advantage of the NEW features. Remember, you can use Facebook Connect to make comments and share your knowledge, start new discussions or just ask questions in the AntiguaDailyPhoto Forums. ;-9

  • MaggieD

    Rudy – the new design is good as the supplementary information is not all jumbled on one side. It will take some getting used to, though, after so many years of looking “left” when the site opens. 🙂 As always, to you – GOOD JOB!

    • @MaggieD, ah ha, I knew it, most of view became blind to the new features appearing on the right. Now, it should be easier to scan the pages for ALL NEW content pouring through the three columns. 😉

  • I’m absolutely useless with plants so I have no idea what the vine is. But you’re right about the column — the white details do look like icing!

    • @Hilda, I am the same as you… let’s hope someone with a green thumb can come and illuminate us. 🙂

  • Well to me they look like grapes- and also just thinking that the Vine is pretty relevant in Christian symbolism………….

    • @Michele, I believe you might be right. The grapes make sense.