Antique Decoration Elements: Violoncello

Antique Decoration Elements: Violoncello

When we talk about antique items to be used as decoration for Spanish colonial architecture we don’t necessarily mean mint contidion things. They just have to look old, rustic, worn out, like the angel in the niche of the Casa Antigüeña series; remember that? or the colonial pila found at McCafe as part of the water series.

The antique violoncello above can be found at the entrance of El Curandero Gallery; I recommend that you visit their web site to see their inventory since they’re a long-time sponsor of AntiguaDailyPhoto.

Once again, we continue showing the trailer of Guatemalan films and short films by Rodolfo Espinosa. Below is the trailer for Aquí me quedo, a new film by Mellega Films, written and directed by Rodolfo “Chofo” Espinosa and produced by Andrés Rodríguez of Cinespacio and filmed in the sister Republic of Quetzaltenango, also known as Xela.

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  • I love the old cello! What history and character! Wish I had one to lean up against our wall in our Piano Room at home! I play violin…

    • Thomas Wheeler

      If I had a Base Cello like my dads I wouldn’t lean it on the wall You know what I’d play it Sign Thomas Wheeler

  • Thomas Wheeler

    Rudy This Base Cello reminds me of my dads Base that he played with in the Big Bands in the 1930s then from the 1970s until 1986 He played it in Church

  • MO

    Sister Republic of Quetzaltenango? Please explain…I’m curious to know why the label “sister Republic”. Living in Guatemala as a kid I always heard people describe people from Xela as being odd or set in their own ways (also very proud people) but never looked or investigated into why….I guess as a kid these things were not that important. Is there some sort of rivalry (friendly or competitive) between folks from Quetzaltenago and the rest of the country?

    Inquiring minds want to know.


  • MO

    BTW: the short movie clips are very interesting. Would love to get my hands on a dvd copy or if anyone knows of an online site where I can see entire film(s).

  • Manolo

    Pues the fact that around the dissolution of the Provincias Unidas del Centro de America federation there was consideration of having their own country (something that ended in “Los Altos”) would make Xela more than a place with some rivalry with the rest of the country. The word “separatist” comes to mind.

  • MO

    A pues gracias Manolo for the information. I kind of sensed there was some sort of separatist sentiment/ideology brewing within Los Quetzaltenantengos.

  • Hi, MO, indeed sister republic, indeed Quetzaltenango was once the Sixth State of Central America, after they got independence from Guatemala, but remained as part of the Federation of Central America. Check out more on this here.,_Central_America

    I don’t want to make a post from a comment but, what you say about Xelatecos or Chivos is true, my own opinion is that Xela has allways been a Rich region, due to coffee, and many industries even now (Botrán, Zepellin, Cantel, where Pollo Campero corporation initiated, as some examples.) The first and only Electric train in GT, etc. Notable guatemalans come from this region

    I posted a trivia some time ago, what was the most beautiful guatemalan city after Antigua… so guess 🙂

  • MO

    Thanks for the links Neavilag. Very interesting history.

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