Volcán de Fuego Welcomes You

Volcán de Fuego Welcomes You

It doesn’t matter how many times I see Volcán de Fuego erupting, I can never get tired of it or get accustomed. Often, I just stop and enjoy its pyromaniac display.

Such was the case last Friday as I am entering La Antigua Guatemala and Volcán de Fuego was putting such a show and the sky was fluffy and full of cotton clouds. Immediately I was bewitched, stopped the car, pulled the camera and took one single shot that I share with you today.

For more reasons than one, I really like this image. What do you think?

Radio Qman Txun Documentary
We have this documentary at home in DVD format so I was excited to learn from Max López, co-director of Radio Qman Txun along with Miguel A. Arnaiz, for sending the link where one can watch this documentary in its entirety. Radio Qman Txun is a chronicle about the world-renown Mayan town of Todos Santos Chuchumatán in Guatemala. Radio Qman Txun is in Spanish and Mam with English subtitles.

I really like these words by Fortunato: “un pluebo sin cultura es un pueblo vacio” which I roughly translate as “a town (or people) without culture is a hollow town (people)”

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  • Eric

    Volcan de Fuego is indeed an awesome sight, each and every time. On my first visit to La Antigua, the wind was carrying a thin line of dust and ash right over the town. I remember because I started sneezing uncontrollably, my eyes were red, and I made a trip to la farmacia and said to the staff,”Soy alergico a su volcan.” A great first impression, no ? Ja-ja-ja-ja
    Oh, and if you see Marina, please tell her I liked the photo very much, and great commentary. Cree que ella tenga una mayor hermana soltera para mi ? Ay, mi corazon y las mujeres en La Antigua ….

  • Eric

    One more brief thought – Rudy, the documentary is fantastic. Is there somewhere in La Antigua that I can purchase a copy on dvd ?

  • michele woodey

    what a great documentary. I would love to show that to many people here.Thanks very much for posting Rudy.

  • The color contrast of the street, the nearby hills and the volcanoes is just extraordinary.