Selling Heliconias on the Streets

Selling Birds of Paradise on the Streets

It seems like this corner is good for the sale of exotic flowers, like aves del paraíso, birds of paradise Heliconias. Last time I reported on the sale of orchids at this very corner, however I have seen all kinds of exotic tropical flowers and plants being offered the the passing vehicles.

I am still amazed on the fact that is relatively simple to have an exuberant, colorful, eye-catching garden in La Antigua Guatemala. You can browse the Guateflora category for small sampling of the many options available in jardín antigüeño. Enjoy!

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  • Hola!! Vos, esas no son aves del paraíso. Las aves del paraíso anaranjadas son estas: Las de la foto se le parecen mucho, pero no son. Por cierto que hay otras aves del paraíso de color crema, y muuuuucho más grandes. Te cuento porque mi bisabuela fue la primera que las trajo, de Hawaii, allá por principios de los años 30. Saludos!!

    • @Luis, gracias por la corrección y por la estupenda anécdota. Ahora ya a quién tenemos que dar las gracias por las aves del paraíso. 😉

  • MO

    Birds of paraside or not they are beautiful. Happy Friday to all!
    Enjoy the weekend.

    • @MO, until a couple years ago, I could not recognise hortensias from heliconias, but thanks the Guateflora series, I am getting better at being able to recognise and name many of the exotic plants that can be found in the jardines de La Antigua Guatemala. Still, I make mistakes, like today’s. 🙁

  • Eric

    If only I could have such wonderful plants in my apartment ! I’m afraid I kill houseplants just by bringing them home. The only green plant in my place is the frozen spinach in my freezer ! Ja-ja-ja.
    Beautiful composition, Rudy – awesome colors in the foreground, and a few,”Que hace el loco con la camara ?” onlookers in the background. Bellisimo !

    • @Eric, sí efectivamente yo soy el loco con la cámera that everyone has gotten used… good for us, because now I can bring you guys very natural, unposed, imagery. 😉

  • I like the way you captured the flowers — and the sellers.

    • @Lessie, welcome back. I was coming from behind the sellers and I took a few shots using them as framing elements, which I really like, but only after I cross the street and saw the flowers I realized I had to put the flowers and the sellers on the same frame. 🙂

  • Beautiful picture, Rudy. I don’t think I’ve seen more beautiful flowers anywhere. What I especially like is that the flower vendors’ uniforms match the flowers. Great catch!

    • @Diana, that’s pretty clever of you… I only wanted to have the flowers, Heliconias, and the sellers on the same slide, but I did not repair on the matching colors; thanks for pointing it out!

  • Gorgeous flowers indeed.
    These are called “heliconias”

    • @Jenn Klee, you always come to my rescue. You’re such a knowledgeable gardener I might just call you “The Constant Gardener” (j/k). For sure, I will check with you before making such horrible mistakes. 🙁

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