Antique Decoration Elements: Treasure Chest

Antique Decoration Elements: Treasure Chest

What kind of treasures would you keep in a antique chest like the above? I would keep my treasured memories. 😉

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  • emromesco

    I keep my treasure inside my chest.
    (I just thought I should comment on this lonely post 😉 )

  • This is just a beautiful chest. A couple of years ago my mom bought a huge chest in a furniture store, when they brought it home it was HUGE, it has been nicknamed “el sarcófago” for its sheer size.

  • Eric

    Pues … primero necesito un tesoro, entonces pienso en el baul …

  • kwallek

    I have an old trunk that I keep my collection of maps in: old topos, National Geos, water shed and ground water maps, bed rock maps. boating charts, maps, maps, maps. Everywhere I go I buy maps of the local area and they go in the trunk.