Split-second Catch at Tanque de La Unión

Split-second Catch at Tanque de La Unión

I pass by Tanque de la Unión at least twice a day. Lucky me. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’ve fallen in love with this utilitarian water tank and public washbasins. If you don’t believe me, follow the links to see some of the previous pictures of Tanque de la Unión.

Anyhow, today’s catch I took it while making a left turn as I was driving, barely slowing a bit so I could click the shutter. If I may say so myself, it is not too bad. What prompted me to take the photograph was the stare of the little girl. I believe she’s going to grow up to be a people-watcher herself, like many of us. 😉

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  • I live very close to the Tanque de la Unión, and it is amazing to see that a lot of people visit it, photograph it, and well, just spend time there reading, walking around, or just with their significant other. Yesterday, friends and I were watching some people from the Capital City, they were having a ceviche, and it was also quite a scene. Yet, children are some of the best subjects for a photograph, particularly those curious ones, or most observing ones, like this little girl… Excellent photograph!!! Congratulations!!!

    • @Arturo, did I hear you say the magic word “ceviche”? the question is at what time are we meeting for ceviches?

  • ;O) They are a few meters away from Tanque La Unión, on 2nd Avenue, until around 3:00pm, they are really good, ;O) Just send me a txt message, or call, so we’ll have one, ;O)

  • Guy

    A few years ago I saw a photo of the tanque at a gallery exhbition in London, labelled ‘Havana, Cuba’! I pointed the mistake out to the gallery owner but he seemed in no hurry to change the identification.

  • Eric

    Oooh … steering with one hand, camera clicking away with the other…Tenga cuidado para los caballos ! Ja-ja-ja.
    Me encanta este lugar tambien. Very good shot, Rudy, considering it was a ‘drive-by’. You managed to center the little girl, whose stare definitely pulls the viewer in. Nice job.

  • Andrea P

    I LOVE the feel of this picture. From the man resting on the right to the way the little girl is leaning up against the wall with her feet crossed in such an adult way, it just shouts, “relaxing summer day”. Fantastic! I’m glad you didn’t let a little thing like driving interfere with the opportunity to snap this picture! 🙂