Law and Kindness

Law and Kindness

There are so many things that could be said about this photograph of two men, both in soldiers uniforms, even if one of them belongs to another age, another era, another place. But in a sense both of them are playing roles—today’s soldier playing one that may seem incongruous, suprising or even paradoxical, especially to those whose memories need only reach back very few years, rather than imagine back almost two thousand. And as someone who is not Guatemalan, and who doesn’t live in La Antigua Guatemala, I will let the image—or perhaps other people, speak of the complexities of history, time, and the place or role each of us play in it.

text and photo by Michele Woodey.

© 2009 – 2016, Michele Woodey. All rights reserved.

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  • @Michele, this is the kind of stuff you never think you will see in Guatemala. I know this happens and it happens often. I am glad you were able to capture it and that you shared it with us. 😉

    p.s. Isn’t it amazing the synchronicity of the last two posts, Manolo’s and yours, two guest entries written from Toronto about La Antigua Guatemala and talking about how, “Guatemala is a land of contrasts, and in that sense, La Antigua is where these contrasts are more visible.”

  • Guy

    Both men belong to the same unit of Kaibil commandos in the Guatemalan army too.

  • @Guy, I thought the soldier was a Kaibil, but I wasn’t sure. Thanks for the insider’s information. 😉

  • Guy

    They tied up their horses outside my sister-in-law’s place on Pq San Sebastian and waited in a group there while the main procession went around the block. I kind of mingled and saw how they all fitted together, officers and men!

  • Eddie Zuniga

    Well at last the special forces of Guatemala found something usefull to do. Lovely angle to look at the scene before us, thank you Michele, and keep up the work Rudy.

  • michele woodey

    Yes, it certainly is a land of great contrasts-or chiaroscuro, to use a painterly term. That for me is its beauty and fascination- expressed in the landscape – the image of a volcano reflected in a lake.

  • More than just contrasts… this photo is a good representation of all the demonstrations and cultural parades that are always going on here in Guatemala… one of the things I love about living in Antigua are the “surprise” parades I’m always stumbling upon.