Let The Signs Speak No. 2

Latté Lover Parking Only Sign

I believe the Muni should begin posting these signs all over town. Let licuado lovers be aware!

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  • Cathy

    This one I recognize and remember seeing on Thursday at the Filadelfia coffee plantation, when we visited for our canopy tour – which we LOVED! I have long been wanting to do the zip lines, but I was scared out of my mind to actually go. After Laura posted her series with the final adorable youtube video though, I thought surely I could do it if a two & a half year old could! We also had the pleasure of meeting little Aranza’s parents at a friend’s wedding – what an absolutely lovely couple they are.
    We highly recommend the canopy tours – our family of 4 had a blast!

  • that’s my spot!

  • Hmm, any sign for espresso lover? hahahaha!!! Ok, ok, ok, at least they should have espressos, I’d go for it, 😉

  • Eric

    Can I have a licuado in one hand, and a black coffee from La Antigua in the other ? I like to listen to both sides in an argument. Ja!

  • Dear Cathy,
    thanks for your comments about Antigua Canopy Tours. We are happy to hear that you had a great time. I´ll pass your regards to the crew. It was a pleasure to meet your beautiful family at Helmut & Claudia´s wedding.

  • I’m with Eric: Let’s double fist it! Licuado in one hand… black cafe in the other!!