Chanin Chanin Mija

Chanin Chanin Mija

Chanin chanin mija, we don’t want to become victims of the Guatemalan Diaspora!

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  • Great shot!!! Hmm, I wonder how many thoughts crossed my mind with your comment, but it is a sound note given our history.

  • WONDERFUL mother/daughter photo! Their dresses are so colorful!

  • I’ve been trying to find in what language “chanin” will translate to “hurry up”. Now, just to play the legal counsel of the evil one: Maybe if you “hurry up” in Guate you end up realizing that you must leave in order to keep growing. That, or an existential acceptance of the reality that “aqui no se puede” (here it cannot be done). An alternative is to live an examined life through the lenses of LAGDP.

  • @Manolo, of course there are things that can’t be done, or achieved, ;O) But there might be a chance to try to influence a wise change, wherever we are, so let’s hope it could be through LAGDP, ;O) (I just try to do it with my humble photography, ;O))

  • Erick

    I really dig this photo, but the caption is even better. “Chanin chanin” is something my grandpa would say when I was a kid and he would try to get me to hurry up and do something. I always thought it was just a random word that someone made up.

  • Olga2


  • Eric

    Beautiful shot, and beautiful subject(s). I like the way you have the cobblestone street details in the background as well. One fantastic splash of color against the gray stone. And, of course, the little girls dressed up like their mothers, who always get extra quetzales from me en el mercado
    Bravo !

  • lucianano

    nice!!! I remember those words grandma just to say ( cackchiquel )