Coffee Tables, literally!

Coffee Tables, literally!

Here is one more entry for the Only in LAG. Leave it to the creative people of La Antigua Guatemala to produce coffee tables, literally, for a patio dining area.

The above dining patio with coffee tables can be found at Fernando’s Kaffee, an authentic Guatemalan coffee shop run by Fernando who roasts his own selection of coffee beans and prepares the best double latté in town.

Click the thumbnails below to view the details of the coffee table and double latté heart!
Coffee Table in La Antigua Guatemala Cup of Guatemalan Coffee

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  • Very cool…this is on north 7th right?

  • Eric

    Oh, I love this place. I mean, the restaurant-and-bar-without-a-name, a.k.a. “Hector’s”, is great, but wow, do I love Fernando’s. And to think, if it weren’t for a late afternoon thundershower when I was walking past La Merced (and a suggestion from Sr. Giron), I would never have found it.
    Sure wish I had a cappuccino from Fernando’s now ….. Mmmmmm…

  • Erin

    Creativity at its best! The place looks so cozy and inviting…

  • @Erin: Fernando’s Kaffee is SUPER cozy and inviting. My fav place to grab coffee, especially the “Black Fernando,” black coffee with a shot of espresso. Woooo!

    I have to shout my thanks to Rudy too, he introduced it too me as well!

  • Thank you!!! I’m craving for some coffee right now thanks to you!!! ;O) ;O) ;O) Ah, I have to go there before, before I need it vía IV, hahahahahaha!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!

  • JerryBrown

    Best coffee in La Antigua. Fernando selects excellent coffee beans (I know, I am roasting some now), and he roasts them to near perfection. I feel like I am going home every time I go there.

  • Lovely place, Antigua is filled with beautiful surprices like this. Really nice!