Theme Day: Contrast

Culture Contrasts

As every first of the month, AntiguaDailyPhoto is joining City Daily Photo community in the orchestrated global effort to show you “contrast” as a theme day.

My dear friend Manolo Romero said this recently in his guest post Weekend en (La Antigua) Guatemala, “Guatemala is a land of contrasts, and in that sense, La Antigua is where these contrasts are more visible.” He augmented with, “The capital of the kingdom, full of criollismo and paternalism. With reminders of the power of a class that felt trapped between their European ancestors (that treated them like second class citizens) and the local natives, who were trying to protect their identity from the violent conquest and subsequent colonization.”

I believe his writing was superb and perfect match for my contribution about contrast where Mayan women are framed within the arches of Spanish colonial-style church entryway. The Mayan women show us resistance through culture; culture through textiles; textiles as heritage; heritage as identity; identity as resistance. Two worlds, two cosmovisions, one contrast. The living Maya people set against the Spanish architecture backdrop. The rainbow of their clothes against the yellow and white stucco.

I could go on, and on about all the different kinds of contrasts I perceive in the photograph above, but I rather hear from you, my esteemed visitor, what contrasting aspects can you draw out from this quotidian image from La Antigua Guatemala.

Thanks for visiting and please take some time to visit to the other participating cities around the planet. Click here to view thumbnails for all participants.

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  • beautiful take on the theme!

  • great photo for the theme – what stands out is the sharp colour of the entrance contrasting with evident neglect of the outer walls.

  • This photo is very special. Especially because of the people on it!

  • Fabulous CONTRAST photo for today’s theme day! I noticed right away the contrast of the yellow church and the multi-colored dresses of the women!

  • Beautiful color, especially the RED & YELLOW.

    Happy Theme day!

    My Bangkok Through My Eyes!
    You got a Posty: I want to give 15 postcards 🙂

  • Fabulous photo — I love the colors. The yellow and the multi-colors of the ladies passing. And I appreciate you pointing out the contrast of the colonial structure and the Mayan culture. Not sure I would have caught that!

  • In La Antigua, the walls are not “neglected” but they are left to become “ruins” as a testament of the the passing of time.
    Rudy… the “Connect with facebook” button didn’t work for me (maybe is b/c I am using Chrome all the time).

  • How about the “still-baffling-for-me” ability of Mayan women able to carry things on their heads. Show me one Ladino, one Westerner, one foreigner, one tourist that can do that!!

    Also a quote to be quoted: “resistance through culture”

    Geez Rudy, you’re really getting good at this language we call English!! ;PP

  • Beautiful picture, beautiful colors. Two different worlds indeed, both with their own identities. Great theme day shot.

  • Yes, a beautiful shot Rudy, I love the way all the women in red are inside the yellow “frame” and the woman in Blue is walking outside of it………blue, red and yellow are also the primary colors , from which all colors are made- its one of those photos that the more you look at it, the more there is to see- like Antigua itself.

  • Mo

    Wonderful image of contrasts

  • A much deeper take on the theme and absolutely right

  • This is a beautiful post, and very appropriate for the theme of contrasts.

  • excellent photo for theme day. your narrative is wonderful also. the old and new building facades, the young and old in the photo, the wonderful Mayan textiles. superb!

  • My favorite ladies from Zunil! What a wonderful shot! Great colors and textures!

    • @Suzanne, I know how to pull you forward now! 😉

  • Stunning image, it is a strong image indeed, in which the women also seem to show great deal of determination not by just showing their colors, but also to show determination to stand against all odds. It is such kind of determination which is needed to struggle against the imposed contrasts. An irony too, because it is all beautiful.