Día del Niño Activities in La Antigua Guatemala

Children's Day Activities in La Antigua Guatemala

Mimes and clowns were the main attraction for the boys and girls alike during the Día del niño, Children’s Day, celebrations. To me, I was delighted to hear and see the little ones sing mishito; all off key. Mishito is the Guatemalan Spanish word for kitten. Often you can hear mishito mishito mishito as children and adults call their kittens.

I leave you with a short clip of the Coro del Colegio Los Angelitos something or another. Enjoy!

Children's Day Activities in La Antigua Guatemala f1 Children's Day Activities in La Antigua Guatemala f2 Children's Day Activities in La Antigua Guatemala f3

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  • He seems to have a captive audience! Fun photo!

    • @Leif, you’re contrast photo for theme day was so humorous and fun! I am still laughing…

  • “Mishito” — I like that! You’ve just given me a word for my own usually off key nieces. 😉

    Many, many thanks for your expression of concern and support for us last week, Rudy. That really meant a lot to me. So much work still to be done to recover from the disasters that came one after the other, and definitely not just in the Philippines!

  • Eric

    Aaaaaaaiiiiiiyyyyyyyy !!! Payasos !!!! Rudy, it is a bit early for Halloween, don’t you think ? They are just so creepy …. ja-ja-ja!
    I do love the photos – you have captured a great moment, both the expression on the clown’s face and the intent scrutiny of the children. I would love to watch the video, pues, desinfortunadamente, my work has decided to block videos embedded in that site, as well as news from my favorite hospitalito. Seems we still have access to several other ‘interesting’ non-business websites, though … hmmmm….
    Necesito una nueva computadora portatil, y PRONTO ! Gracias – me encantan las photos

  • Talk about drawing attention to the eye!!! Great work Rudy!!!