Green Gleen at Panza Verde

Green Gleen at Panza Verde

Photographing green is an obsession for me. There is something about the way green looks when it’s captured by camera. I will always invariably shoot all things green. I captured this “palm umbrella” while I was at Panza Verde for Yoga class early Monday morning. I think the blurred white cupola and the rich, blue sky truly help set off the brilliant green hue of the palm.

Speaking of favorites: another “photo-fetish” I seem to have is hands. I love photographing hands. What are some of your favorites?

text and photo by Laura McNamara

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Green is my favourite colour. I love the google option to find only pics of some colour when you do a search online or with picasa. Very clever.
    This palm actually look like a “green hand”, a green hand on the green belly.

    • I didn’t even know about that color search trick Manolo…

  • Ah, green, blue, aqua, mmm, I love colors that imply life, like red in sunsets/sunrises.. I also love photographing hands, expressions (although I am a bit shy to photograph people I don’t know), nature in general… ;O) But yes, I am also obsessed with photography… Great picture Laura!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thanks Arturo… and I agree 100%: “I love colors that imply life!” There you go again with that beautiful prose…

  • I like green too but live in Ohio where there are four seasons and green is just one of them.

    • Ah yes, I’m from Missouri… you just made me miss the wonderful spectacle of trees aflame with oranges, yellows and reds as summer turns to fall…

  • @Laura, oh we like green in La Antigua Guatemala alright! We are panzas verdes (green bellies), the flag for the Sacatepéquez is green. On the approved color palette for La Antigua Guatemala you also find green. You can find a million shades of green in the gardens of the Antigua houses. Furthermore, every hill around Antigua gets a new green dress during the rainy season. In the entry the roads around Antigua Guatemala, I even declared that green is my favorite color.

    You know, the etymology of the name Guatemala has the source for all this greenery: The name Guatemala derives from the word Goathemala which was given by the Spanish conquistadors and it derives from Quauhtlemallan a word from the Nahualt language spoken by the Tlaxcala’s natives that accompanied the conquistadors. Quauhtlemallan was a direct translation from the Mayan language’s Quiche or Iximche which more or less translates to the land of many trees or forests. This was long-winded explanation to bring forth the fact that this land has been a powerful lung for earth for a very long time; thanks to its many forests.

  • What an amazing Place Laura! Back in GUA City, I have to admit, that Anigua is still one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! Thanks again for showing me arround!

    • It was a pleasure Yves! Let me know when your back in town!

  • @Laura, 🙂 Thank you, but I am still so limited in words, 🙂 I am curious as to what you’ll write next 😉

  • kevin

    Thanks for the great photos, I declared that green is my favorite color and I captured this with my Green Beach umbrella.