Produce Delivery

Produce Delivery

I know that one can go every day to the mercado, market, in La Antigua Guatemala for fresh produce and that if one goes Monday, Thursday or Saturday, one can find the find the largest selection and quality of fruits and vegetables. However, I had never seen the produce delivery trucks; I guess I am not up when the market gets restocked. 😉

How many vegetables can you see inside the truck?

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  • Eric

    Hmm, not sure about how many veggies, it appears to be different sized bags of zanahorias, but I like the color contrast with the truck lights, the workers’ clothing, las zanahorias and the pale grey/white of the truck. The back of the truck makes a great frame, no ? Nice shot.

  • I love the veggies in Guate. Nice pic.

  • Great picture!!! It does seems like only carrots, ;O) Great tip to shop veggies, thank you!!!