Rechargeable Solar Blinkers in Antigua Guatemala

Recharging the Solar Blinkers

Some people out there can never see the good things, even if they were blinking right on their face. All they do is complain and nag about the most mundane stuff. I believe you have to show everything to give a more realistic picture. That also includes that good things that happen everyday but go unnoticed. I tell you this because I’ve heard only “quejas” about the current municipal administration from some people. They can not see some of the good things that are happeninig around Antigua and the villages every day!

Simple things like rechargeable solar blinkers being used at the entrance of La Antigua Guatemala at night by Municipalidad, City Hall, make a difference in the larger picture. So it does the use bio diesel fuels converted from burnt oils in municipal vehicles. The constant repairs of cobblestone streets and sidewalks make a huge difference too.

What do you think?

Recharging the Solar Blinkers 2 Recharging the Solar Blinkers 1

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  • this is a great image!

  • Eric

    Pues, I think the solar-powered lights are a great idea. Getting any road improvements done around my city requires years of red-tape, and inevitably the project will begin with the onset of winter. So a job that would normally take two weeks turns into a four-month-long adventure. Great photo.

  • I think its a great idea too!!