Strong Winds Are Coming

Strong Winds Are Coming

The “strong winds” begin making their way to Guatemala; Vientos fuertes would say Miguel Ángel Asturias. With the vientos fuertes also appear the barriletes, kites, and giant kites which help to reunite the dead with the living during the celebrations of Día de los difuntos, Day of the dead.

What do you know about the giant kites of Guatemala?

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  • this is a great photo and teaches me something new. I did not know that about these giant kites. And yes Dia de los Muertos is coming. A very special time.

  • I don’t know anything at all about the giant kites of Guatemala, but I sure like these decorating the roadside! Fun and colorful!

  • Cant wait to be in Antigua for this ………….

  • Erin

    For those who would like to see a sample of the Guatemalan giant kites: If you decide to check this link, you will see some others that illustrate many of the traditions involved in this celebration, including of course, the glorious fiambre and dulce de cabecera (ayote en miel).

  • I have such sweet memories of flying coronas during vacaciones at my Grandma’s house; it is just terrible that it’s getting harder to find the traditional kites in the capital, it’s all plastic stuff nowadays and they are almost impossible to get them flying.