Day of the Dead Dessert Sampler

Day of the Dead Dessert Sampler

Here are many traditional Guatemalan desserts and sweets to take to the cemetery on Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day.

Wow, I can’t remember when was the last time I have any of these desserts; maybe the espumillas back in May. How about you? When was the last time you had any of the desserts above?

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  • We seem to have similar customs for All Saints’ and All Souls’ Day but we don’t just bring sweets — cemeteries all over the Philippines become almost like picnic grounds!

    Only the meringue (pronounced me-reng-geh here) and the rice puffs (?) look familiar to me. And I haven’t had either in years.

  • Erin

    I have to tell you Hilda, that this is exactly how the FIAMBRE tradition started. In those days, cemeteries were so far away from the main towns, that everybody visiting their deads, brought food for themselves, being the fiambre the main course, of course, white tamal (corn dough wrapped with husks, steammed to perfection) and for dessert, “dulce de cabecera”, that is a kind of pumpkin preserve made with “panela”, The tradition remain until these days only better, because you don’t necessarily have to go to the cemetery to enjoy this banquet. It has became a perfect excuse to have a family meal and to visit friends, some times, with the purpose to exchange a sample of fiambre, for which everybody has a vey unique recipe.
    About the sweets, those in the photo probably are corn puffs or “pepitoria”, which are roasted pumpkin seeds.
    Rudy, let me tell you my friend that I am on my way to make some champurradas. Looking at those “panitos de Amatitlan” my mouth is watering…

  • I think I’m getting a tooth cavity just looking as today and yesterday’s postings! Yummy, delicious photos!

  • Mmmmmmm…..let me think….. espumillas, 2 weeks ago and it was 2 or 3 BIG bags. Yummy!! =o)

  • Yummy; I just came back from a birthday party where they gave us a bag of espumillas as a treat bag. I’m definitely going to enjoy eating it 😉

  • Guy

    Actually, my wife says her abuelita’s / the original version is more of a liquid treat, a bit like jocotes en dulce.

    Was the pic taken in San Felipe? She says she’s tried the dry version there (along with figs and orange done in the same way) but finds it a bit heavy.

  • Beatriz Aceituno

    Que rico y que lindo ver mis platillos favoritos, esos tamalitos negros, los chuchitos, en verdad que se ven deliciosos y uno quisiera tenerlo por aca.
    Si alquien tuviera la receta del mazapan de Guatemala, como el de amatitlan, se lo agradeceria.
    Buena suerte a todos. Saludos desde Houston, Tx