Milk Delivery in Antigua Guatemala

Milk Delivery in Antigua

Goat Milk Delivery in Antigua I am sure this is the first time many of you see a milk delivery service like the one we have in Guatemala. Basically, two or three shepherd boys guide a herd of goats, cabras in Guatemalan Spanish, around town selling the drawn-on-the-spot glass of milk for Q5/$0.60. Some people drink the milk directly from the glass, while others boil it first.

Now, you may think these milk deliveries only occur in the rural communities of Guatemala, but as you can see in the pictures below, the shepherd boys and their sheep can be found even the Downtown Guatemala City, known as Centro Histórico. Can you imagine El Señor Presidente coming out of his bureau in the National Palace to drink some fresh milk? Only in Guatemala, I tell you!

This milk delivery approach puts a new twist of the term “fresh milk”, don’t you think?

Milk Delivery in Guatemala Milk Delivery in Guatemala City

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  • Eric

    Ja-ja-ja, Rudy, you just made my whole day with this photo. Que fantastico ! When I was a boy, my family lived far from the city, and all of the families would trade what they had – one dozen eggs from my chickens would be traded for a gallon of fresh milk from the farm down the road, etc. Yo tenia ocho anos. Que buen recuerdo !
    Bien hecho!

    • @Eric, I believe you really like Guatemala because it helps you connect with the part of your life which is very dear to you. I am happy to know that these images serve you as memory ticklers as in the films Winter Sleepers by Director Tom Tykwer or Memento by Director Christopher Nolan. I recommend you Winter Sleepers.

  • Erick

    Back in the days, you could actually see this in the capital, not just on the outskirts. My grandpa would buy some goat milk for all of us, but I was never a big of drinking it “fresh” like that.

    • @Erick, the photos below were actually taken in downtown Guatemala City, the capital pues. So, somethings in your Guatemala have not changed much. 😉

  • Very, very cool.

  • Sonia

    My suegro and cuñada (in-laws) live next to a family that has a herd of goats. I always wondered where the family went in the mornings when they all piled into a pick-up truck, kids and goats and all. I assumed they were going off to pasture them on some nice mountain field.

    Now I know–they were going into LAG to sell the milk!

    • @Sonia, oops, I am sorry to have shown you the spoiler. 😉

  • Donde yo vivo, pasan unos niños gritando ¨leche de cabra¨ acompañados de un silvato, cada vaso tiene un valor de 5 quetzales, creo que esta leche tiene un mejor sabor en comparación con la de vaca.

    GUATEMALA, país de contrastes…

    • @Luis, maestro, qué bueno verlo por acá. Parece ser que Q5 es el precio de leche recien ordeñada en todos lados de Guatemala.

  • mmmmmhh!! ya se me antojó un vaso de leche de cabra!

    • @Victux, wow qué honor que nos visita y nos dejas un comentario. Sigue tomando leche de cabra y seguro tocarás el jazz como Thelonious Monk. 🙂

  • love this pic.

    • @Sheila, como siempre se agradecen muchos tus comentarios. Thanks for all your kind words.

  • Glennis

    WOW now this is really fresh milk, and goat milk at that. Actually I prefer cows milk. Do they bring a cow around too?

    • @Glennis, I have not seen cows, but I am sure cows are probably an ordinary vista in the villages around LAG.

  • I have never seen anything like it and I think it’s wonderful!

    Love the huge wooden gate in the beautiful stone wall too!

  • @Hilda, you know I’d have thought that your country and mine would shared many of the same traditions, like the milk delivery. This is what I like the Daily Photo community, you always encounter surprises. Thanks for all your kind comments and visits. I hope things are getting better in Manila.

  • THIS is a PRIME example of why Guatemala is so charming. I still need to try the milk though!!

  • Ingrid

    Dear Rudy,

    As a Guatemalan in the USA this is proof of many things we get to see that others cannot believe: Goats in the city.
    As part of a catholic college group we were discussing the statement “sheep go to heaven and goats go to hell”. I said i did not understand it. They explained that goats are stubborn and disobedient. I then stated “Then you have never seen several goats following its shepperd in Guatemala City”
    They looked at me in that particular way. I guess I should email this wonderful picture around.

    Thank you!!!