Antigua’s Arcos de Amor

Arches of Love

Without the letter “A”

Without you we won’t even have sadness
To lament.
Without you, no longing till death
Or even weeping
For there is no weeping
And love?
Love will disappear.
And love?
No one will remember to remember.
And love?
If it’s lost, no one will be moved to move by a glance.
And love?
Empty word no one will make
Will make love
Will make love
Will make love

(From a children’s stage-play by Elifas Andreato called Sem Você não “A”, in which the letter “A” runs away from the alphabet. -Zé)

© 2009 – 2013, Rudy Giron. All rights reserved.

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  • Luis Samayoa

    Beautiful song. Here is the original lyrics in portugues so it is easier to identify the words that no longer will exist without the letter “A”.

    Sem você nem tristeza teremos
    Pra nos lamentar
    Sem você nem morrer de saudade
    Nem mesmo chorar
    Pois não há chorar

    E o amor?
    O amor desaparecerá.
    E o amor?
    Da lembrança ninguém nem se lembrará
    E o amor?
    Se perder ninguém mais vai no olhar
    E o amor?
    Palavra vazia ninguém mais namorará

    This song appears in Tom Ze’s album “The Hips Of Tradition” recorded in 1992.

    In the recording of this song also participated two american musicians, David Byrne with his 12-string acoustic guitar and Greg Cohen playing bass.

    • @Luis, thanks for posting the original lyrics in Portuguese so people can identify the words and concepts that will disappear along with the letter A. 😉

  • So romantic 🙂

  • Guy

    My dog’s third favourite little park in Antigua to go for a walk, after Escuela de Cristo and Belén. I always feel a bit restricted though…in case she yanks me into the middle of a passionate tryst where we will be less than welcome.

  • jan

    Wow, great job on the photo, we didn’t actually get to stop by there, but what a great place.