New Street Sweepers in Antigua

New Street Sweepers in Antigua

The classic image of the old man with his “chiribisco” broom sweeping parks and streets of La Antigua Guatemala is vanishing. The Municipalidad of La Antigua Guatemala has created these new make-shift street sweepers designed for cobblestone streets.

What’s the first image that came to your mind the moment you saw today’s photograph?

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  • Guy

    That sucks!

  • Erin

    R2D2! from Lost in Space. Yes, I know, I am from an old generation…
    Seriously, it seems to me like creativity at its best. Good for the Municipalidad of Antigua Guatemala and the efforts to keep the city clean.

  • Eric

    @Erin – isn’t R2D2 from Star Wars? I would say it does remind me of the robot from Lost in Space … Peligro! Will Robinson! … but, of course, I can’t remember the robot’s name. The memory slips after awhile … maybe it’s the lack of tortillas?
    @Rudy – my first thought was, I know guatemaltecos are very ingenious, but couldn’t they just get a real elephant? You see how my mind falls apart without Mozas y tortillas….

  • Erick

    Has anyone ever seen the movie “Tremors”? Well, one of those creatures is what came to mind when I saw that giant vacuum.

  • My first thought was that the street sweepers will protest and shut down all the streets in town.

    My second thought was that it looks like all the pictures of brontasaurus we used to see in school.

  • Cathy

    My first thought was of the green dinosaur from the old Sinclair gas stations.