Alforja Sign

Alforja Sign

Beautiful, simple and elegant sign made with six ceramic tiles. Now, I wish I knew what they do or sell at Alforja. Does anyone know what kind of shop is Alforja?

Geotagging photographs and maps aside: Some of you may have already noticed that there’s a map at the bottom of the most recent entries showing where the photo was taken. Also, there’s a new Antigua Maps page on the Main Menu where you will find a map with the 20 most recent geotagged photographs and their location. Below that map, there’s another map with the option to see at full screen with pins showing where the photographs were taken. Finaly, if you want to scan the location for well over 300 photographs at Flickr, just follow the white rabbit. That’s a lot map options for you. I hope you find this new feature valuable or at least interesting. I will try to include a map showing the location of the photos in all future entries, unless you tell me otherwise. Enjoy!


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  • Hummingbirds… no? Pues then I’d have to say wrought iron stuff. What do I win?

    • @Manolo, I am sure you have won yet… I will have to go the store to see what they do. I will keep you posted.

  • alfajores in Argentina are a cookie – 2 wafers filled with dulce de leche and coconut around the side (where they’d stick to the dlce oozing out of the middle of the cookies)

  • Eric

    I wish the zoom feature was better on the map, but….isn’t this one of the shops that sells artesanias tipicas … tejidos, wood toys, clay chicken buses? I need another visit … I barely recognized La Merced from the air. Can someone please send me a Moza for inspiration, por favor ?