Installing the Christmas Lights at Antigua’s Central Park

Installing the Christmas Lights at Antigua's Central Park

These electricians are working hard against the clock since they have to install over 225,000 lights over the trees of La Antigua’s Central Park before Sunday’s evening when the inauguration of the Christmas lights will take place.

The Christmas lights will illuminate the Parque Central during the Navidad season. For extra bonus points, what date is Christmas season over in La Antigua Guatemala?

Illuminated Parque Central in Antigua Lit branches at Parque Central


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  • Awesome! Can’t wait to see this- will everybody be going to the park tonight to check it out? I need an excuse to get off the computer and out of the house 😉

  • So glad to find this daily photo site. More are needed for Central and South America. What an education reading this blog!

  • Catherine from Oregon

    I believe Christmas ends on Epiphany… around Jan 6th. At least that’s the excuse I use for not taking the decorations down until then! jajaja

  • I like when the trees are lit. I put my lights up today.

  • Beth in MN

    Why Feb. 2?

  • Eric

    Wow, Feb 2 ? Last year, here in Boston, it was so cold that there were still brown, tattered Xmas wreaths on the public buildings until May, but only because it was so cold, they couldn’t find anyone willing to take them down. The local supermarket had a “Christmas Supplies” aisle on Labor Day weekend (Sept.5 & 6). I think our season will end when the weather gets pleasant enough to take the decorations down.
    I am always impressed with the time and effort los guatemaltecos put into celebrations. Thought I could be there this year, but … -sigh- … maybe in 2010. Great photos!

  • Catherine from Oregon

    Okay – I am SO using that Feb 2nd as my new date for taking the Christmas decorations down…. I will just say that is how they do it in Guatemala ( my second home – I wish ! ).

  • Feb 2 is Candlemas, aka the Presentation of the Child Jesus in the Temple.

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